CM 120 and ARTG 120, Spring 2017, UCSC

made by Jacob Darby, Jake Shapiro, Tristan Clark and Philip Stanley


“Detention” is a stealth-based side-scroller that takes place is a dystopian elementary school. You must avoid giant, demonic school supplies to survive. Sneak and fight your way through the halls and uncover the sick truth of the educational institution: to drain us of our imagination,
leaving us hopeless.


In depth mechanical description:

Sitting in seats allows you to de-aggro enemies that are following you, but don't sit in them for too long, or they'll just drain your imagination. Punching enemies is also a great way to get by so long as they aren't looking at you! If you're feeling full of imagination, fire a projectile to stun distant enemies.

Going invisible allows you to hide from enemy sights, but touching them blows your cover! Don't use it all the time thought, it will only drain your imagination.

Not all walls are impassable, smashing "W" while running into a wall will allow you to climb up.

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