A downloadable BashfulBaker for Windows

University of California, Santa Cruz - CMPM 170 Series - Capstone Project


UCSC Students:

Kaylie Cetera - Art Lead ; 

Michael Lagapa - Environment Artist ;

Alexandria McGill - Write and Web Designer ; 

Joshua Navarro - UI and UX Programmer ; 

Brody Richards - Gameplay Programmer ; 

Brendan Smith-Fagan - Gameplay Programmer ; 

Philip Stanley - Producer and AI Programmer

External Collaborators:

Kent Preston - Music and Sound Design ; 

Courtney Chavez - Character Artist


Courtney Hunt - Artistic Contributor

Install instructions

This is a standard Unity application, after extracting the files from the zip, there is a BashfulBaker.exe that you can run to play the game!


BashfulBaker_WIN_EndOfYear.zip 31 MB

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